What is Euflexxa?

Euflexxa is a non-surgical form of therapy that your doctor can treat you with during three simple office visits, each one week a part. Euflexxa is a form of hyaluronic acid, otherwise known simply as HA, that is used to relieve knee pain and pressure that is due primarily to osteoarthritis. Hyaluronic acids are a natural substance that is found in the very fluids that surround an individual’s healthy knee. The fluid that hyaluronic acid is found in is called synovial fluid, which in turn helps cushion, lubricate and protect the knee. When individuals suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee, their synovial fluid becomes drastically thinner and is less able to complete the job it was intended to do. For this reason, Euflexxa is similar to the hyaluronic acid that is found in health knees.

What are the benefits of Euflexxa?

Euflexxa is designed specifically for helping patients who are not getting enough relief from the non-prescription pain relievers or various forms of exercise routines and physical therapy regimens they have been put through. When Euflexxa is injected into the knee, it begins to help replenish the hyaluronic acid that is found in the knee and then helps further restore the ability of the synovial fluid to cushion, lubricate and protect your knee. Unlike pills, Euflexxa is a localized form of therapy, meaning that it goes right to the source of the problem (or the pain in a patient’s case), and is not distributed throughout your entire body. Patients who use this treatment method have recognized a drastic increase in their knees that have been affected by osteoarthritis and they have also noticed an improved sense of being able to carry out everyday tasks and activities. You will be able to work safely and provide yourself with the high levels of satisfaction that you were used to in your prime!

How is Euflexxa administered?

Like many hyaluronic acid injections, these treatment methods are often used by patients who cannot take painkillers such as Advil or Motrin. Once a week, your medical practitioner will administer an injection that will be supplying your pain with the alleviation that you desperately need. After three injections (three weeks), your body will be feeling the way that it did when you were in your prime and most active. By going directly to the route of your problem and being injected into the knee, you will have such an increased sense of mobility and everyday functioning that it will provide you with renewed life.

What should patients expect after it is administered?

Patients suffering from osteoarthritis especially have found that Euflexxa is a proven method of providing immense relief from many of the symptoms that are associated knee osteoarthritis. Patients who use this treatment option should expect to achieve a drastic improvement on their daily physical functions and overall quality of life. Patients should also notice an improved sense of pain, stiffness and physical function.