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Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing


The Child’s Health Comes First

ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) computerized neurocognitive assessment tools and services are used by medical doctors, psychologists, athletic trainers and other licensed healthcare professionals to treat athletic concussions.

ImPACT is a cornerstone of Long Island Orthopedic Solutions’ concussion-treatment services. As the principal sideline medical provider for athletic teams in the Huntington, Northport and Walt Whitman school districts, that’s a service we take very seriously – and our professional staff has undergone extensive training in ImPACT’s advanced diagnostic and treatment protocols.

You may have heard your young athlete stating that if they report a concussion it will keep them out of sports longer – although this may be a valid statement it is the feeling of the national experts on the subject that this delay may very well avoid permanent brain injury. Young athletes need to understand in the long term this will keep them playing in their sport over a lifetime. As one of the few medical practices able to review your child sports participation we understand first hand what the correct practices are:

  1. Pre-injury base line ImPACT tests – this is done at your athletes school or in our offices
  2. Post- injury diagnosis and treatment of people with concussions & sports related head injuries – this is done by your school’s athletic trainer, onsite MD or our offices
  3. Ensure safe return to play – athletes will need to be examined by an ImPACT Protocol Physician and approved to return to their respective sport. It will no longer be possible for an athlete to doctor shop to return to their sport.