What is an Orthovisc injection?

Orthovisc, also known as High Molecular Weight Hyaluronan, is the only Federal Drug Administration-approved treatment that is made strictly from ultra-pure hyaluronan. Ultra-pure hyaluronan is a naturally occurring lubricant that is found in healthy knee joints. The fluid that hyaluronic acid is found in, called synovial fluid, helps cushion, lubricate and protect the knee. When individuals suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee, their synovial fluid becomes drastically thinner and is less capable of completing the job it was intended to carry out. This treatment method is meant to alleviate knee pain and as an in injection, is also the only treatment that is capable of providing up to six months of pain relief that does not come from avian sources. This means that Orthovisc will not cause an allergic reaction if you suffer from any form of avian allergies.

What are the benefits of an Orthovisc injection?

There are many various forms of treatment options that are able to control your knee joint pain and stiffness–you just need to find the one that is best for you and your knees. Sometimes certain treatment options for knee osteoarthritis can include exercise, weight control, physical therapy, medications and surgery. However, most treatments will involve a combination of methods. When Orthovisc is injected into the knee that is bothering the patient, it then begins to help replenish the essential acid that is found in the knee. Orthovisc is responsible for being able to further restore the ability of the synovial fluid that helps cushion, lubricate and protect the knee of a patient. Patients who use this treatment method have noticed an exceptional increase in their respective knee that has been affected by osteoarthritis.

How is an Orthovisc injection administered?

Like many hyaluronic acid injections, these treatment methods are often used by patients who are not able to ingest painkillers. Your medical practitioner will administer an injection that will be supplying your pain with the proper alleviation that you so desperately need to achieve. After Orthovisc injections have been completed, patients will begin to notice that their body will be feeling the way that it did when they were once most active in life. With Orthovisc injections, patients are one step closer to living the active lifestyle they wish to have back.

What should patients expect after it is administered?

Patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis have found that Orthovisc can be listed as a proven and effective treatment method for the providing of the necessary relief associated with knee osteoarthritis. Particular patients who have uses this treatment option have expected to achieve a drastic improvement on their daily physical routines and overall quality of lifeā€”and they are happy to not be let down by this amazing treatment.