What is SUPARTZ?

SUPARTZ, also recognized as a viscosupplement, is a non-surgical and non-pharmacologic therapy method that is commonly used to treat individuals who suffer from knee osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the most frequently occurring forms of arthritis and is typically known as “wear and tear” arthritis. This particular condition develops in more than twenty-seven-million people within the United States, and the chance of developing osteoarthritis significantly increases after the age of forty-five. The knee is one of the most commonly affected areas that is subject to this condition, which occurs in women more than men. As an up-and-coming treatment method for knee osteoarthritis, SUPARTZ is more than capable of producing sufficient results that will show a drastic improvement in your mobility, an alleviated sense of pain and the great feeling of slowly being able to get back into your daily routine you once loved!

What are the benefits of SUPARTZ?

The benefits of SUPARTZ are both comprehensive and conclusive enough to determine that this treatment method is a safe and efficient solution for individuals who suffer from knee osteoarthritis. Not only has SUPARTZ shown bona fide clinical experience in being able to significantly relieve chronic pain that is associated with knee osteoarthritis, but evidence also portrayed a longer time table than expected for the relieved pain. Patients showed that the alleviated pain in their knees lasted at least eighteen weeks, as opposed to other treatment methods that require many more administered sessions.

How is SUPARTZ administered?

SUPARTZ is administered through a very short three-step injection process, but in all it is a procedure that will only take a few minutes to be completed. Your licensed medical practitioner will be responsible for injecting SUPARTZ therapy directly into your knees’ affected area right in the office. The process is very simple and will not be providing you with an hour to two hours of discomfort that tends to occur with alternative methods. After your practitioner applies a local anesthetic to numb your knee, they will then remove the fluid that is currently built up within your knee’s joint by way of a process called arthrocentesis or joint aspiration. Following arthrocentesis, the last step of the three-step process will be your doctor injecting SUPARTZ into the knee joint space—which will be the catalyst in improving your daily life functions.

What should patients expect after it is administered?

After your initial SUPARTZ injection has been administered, it is common for your doctor to ask you to avoid absolutely any strenuous activities for at least a couple of days. Although many patients experience little to no discomfort during the initial injection, each and every patient is different and we want that to be known ahead of time. Your doctor will also provide you with a specified time table of when your body, specifically regarding your knee, will feel the benefits of this treatment. Some patients may experience benefits with as few as three injections given at weekly intervals, so although SUPARTZ is approved for five weekly injections, some patients may require less. If you are concerned about the injection, please take the time to speak to your doctor on a personal level about any potential ways to reduce any mild pain that may occur from SUPARTZ.