You treated chronic, disabling pane in my left shoulder just before and after this past Thanksgiving, and you strike me as the type of man who sincerely cares about his patients, so I wanted to give you this update. I have a hunch you don’t need the reminder, but I’m the 66 year old guy in super great shape.


We decided upon an injection, and I want you to know that it worked for sure. Circumstances also helped, as I’m a gym addict and would have found it hard to forego my workouts. But right after the injection I got a long case of the flu, stayed in bed, and sure didn’t go to the gym. Then, if you recall, I migrated to Florida as I do every winter, and having been sick, I was behind schedule to make that journey. So, after the injection I had a good three weeks before I lifted a weight again here at my Florida gym.


I was cautious and started to do my lifts with lighter weights, of course, and being very careful about form and avoiding anything that caused discomfort. Although you had written the referral, I did not do any physical therapy, but I knew pretty much what to do, so every second day at the gym I do movements designed to help the shoulder. I did not take any aspirin or other anti-inflammatory. I did use Voltaren Gel as needed.


So you should know now that I’m cured. Of course, the shoulder is arthritic so I’ll never be near 100% again, but the pain is gone, and now I can do virtually any of the movements (in and out of the gym) that I want to. It took me a long time to get an appointment, but I did see a PA here in Florida two weeks ago and we went over everything. She did not feel I need any further treatment. I saw my own sports doctor this past week; he studied the MRI done by Zwanger-Pesiri carefully, examined my shoulder himself, and he feels that I’m very much on track. As this time he recommends no further treatment than the Voltaren Gel as needed and the continued thrice a week physical therapy movements I have been doing. I am back on ½ dose aspirin a day and taking Turmeric, which may also help the arthritis in my finger.


I know the medical community experimental, and of course my experience is no controlled experiment. But at least you now have another bit of anecdotal evidence of its value. Of equal value to me is the experience of being in your care. You are a super guy, with knowledge, talent, dedication, energy, and personality. Though I hope I’ll never need further treatment, I also know I will come to you immediately if I do.


My very best regards to you Tom – you’re terrific!