The Smarter You Are, The Better You’ll Feel

Aside from the discomfort and distraction of an injury or chronic condition, many patients are frightened and confused. Pain can be scary: What’s causing it? Will it last forever? Do I need surgery?

Long Island Orthopedic Solutions provides this Medical Research and Education Guide to help old and new patients better understand the world of orthopedic medicine. The more you know, the better this will go – and the sooner you can start on the road to recovery!

PDF Files

Click here for a collection of downloadable documents discussing the latest orthopedic studies, therapies and technologies.

Video Files

Click here to view video tutorials and demonstrations highlighting musculoskeletal ultrasound, and other orthopedic procedures.

Medical Terms

Click here to explore a glossary of medical terms that will help you understand what your healthcare provider is telling you – and empower you to ask better questions!