Experts Set the Bone, Compassion Sets the Tone

Innovative procedures and advanced technologies define Long Island Orthopedic Solution’s methodology, but it’s our compassion and consideration that set us apart.

Our professional staff understands the pain of sudden injury and the distraction of persistent discomfort, and works hard to identify and address each patient’s individual needs. The patient always comes first – and that starts right here, with a Patient Resource Guide designed to expedite your visit and familiarize you with our services and methods.

Medical Terms

Click here to explore a glossary of medical terms that will help you understand what your healthcare provider is telling you – and empower you to ask better questions.

Driving Directions

Click on the appropriate link for turn-by-turn directions to Long Island Orthopedic Solutions’ Huntington and West Islip Orthopedic offices, and to the Melville Surgery Center.

Research & Education

New research and advancements constantly change the face of orthopedic medicine. Click here for more information on the latest theories and breakthroughs!

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